State-by-State Recreational Cannabis Licensing Procedures

Whenever possible, we linked to official state websites; however, not every state's licensing practices have been well documented by state officials
List will be updated as more information becomes available


$1000 application fee and $1000-7000 annual licensing fee depending on the size and role of the facility


Licensing fees and processes depend on the type of license; cultivation licenses go through a division of the California Department of Food and Agriculture and typically cost around $1 per square foot of cultivation on top of other fees


Licensing fees range a lot depending on size and type (and number of patients served for medical facilities), but are between $9,000 and $22,000 annually for medical facilities and between $2,000 and $8,000 annually for retail facilities


Still in the process of being set up, but IL has proposed a $25,000 application fee and a $100,000 annual cultivation licensing fee. Process for other types of licenses is still being discussed


$100-600 application fee and a $625-25,000 annual licensing fee depending on facility size, role, and whether the facility is indoor or outdoor(for cultivation facilities)


Licensing system still in progress, but proposed that smaller cultivations pay annual fees per plant ($9-17) or per canopy ($250-500) with limits on the plants in a canopy; larger facilities would pay a base annual fee of $15,000-30,000


$6000 application fee and $3,000-50,000 annual cultivation fee based on size


$5000 application fee and $10,000-30,000 fee for a 6 month license


$250 application fee and a $1,000-5,750 annual fee depending on business type and size


No recreational licensing structure because the tax system isn't in place yet, but medical licensing is $20,000-25,000 annually


$250 application fee and a $1480 annual license fee for cultivations

Washington DC:

No licensing system in place due to laws preventing use of government time and money to set up cannabis tax and licensing systems