Real Estate Data

The Real Estate Snapshot aims to provide a summary of the housing and rental markets in Santa Barbara County. Our aim is not to provide suggestions or predictions on the trajectory of the real estate market, but rather to describe the data as we see it to the community. Through the use of both tables and graphs, we hope to deliver insights to and generate discussions between all stakeholders in the Santa Barbara County real estate market.

Detailed Data

Here you will find a more detailed depiction and more robust discussion of three components of the Santa Barbara County real estate market. The home values section discusses trends in home values in the western United States, California, and Santa Barbara County. The inventories section describes trends in monthly listings throughout the county. Finally, the rents section depicts the growth in median rental prices.

Home Values

View home value data by MSA, county, city, and neighborhood.


Check out housing inventories by State, MSA, and county.


See rental prices and their year-over-year growth by city.