Economic Impact Studies and Analysis

Economic impact studies convey the likely employment, output and tax effects of an existing or potential entity. For example, a new store coming into a city would need design and construction services during the intitial stages. Once completed, the store would hire employees, a maintenance company, security and so on. The payments to labor end up being spent on housing, food, etc. Tax revenue is generated through sales and property taxes.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp, Oxnard, CA

The Dallas Cowboys take over an amazing complex and have for many years.

Cat Canyon Oilfield, Santa Maria, CA

Economic impact of new exploration in Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA.

SBCC brings not only great education but jobs too.

Siena Westgate Ranch Apartments, Santa Maria, CA.

Economic impact of building and maintaining the complex.

The Impact of Onshore Oil and Gas, Santa Maria, CA.

Onshore oil and gas production impacts for the county.

Survey on the Impact of the Debris Flow, Montecito, CA.

The debris flow in January, 2018 was devastating for lives and property.

Santa Barbara Airport, Santa Barbara, CA.

Economic impact of SBA on the Santa Barbara County community.