Providing the community with reliable economic, demographic, health, and environmental data and analysis, the Economic Forecast Project presents its research via webinars, publications, and events in the Santa Barbara region.

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At EFP, everything starts with the data. We get our data from federal, state, and local agencies, paid data providers, and online sources of every variety. We organize, verify, and analyze the data, and then present it in a way that is relatively easy to understand and relevant to the community. One of our goals is to become a central clearing house for local and regional economic and quality of life data.

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EFP publishes a number of reports and analyses. Our widely-consulted “Economic Outlook'' publication is now available digitally and updated year-round as new data come out. The economic impact reports we conduct for outside entities are made available to the public, as is the Community Indicators Project report (which we periodically update). We are also kicking off a new series of Community Policy Reports, where we analyze the impacts of public policy on the economy.

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EFP offers consulting and economic impact studies on a contract basis to outside entities, such as businesses, organizations, and government entities. Additionally, our director, Professor Peter Rupert, is available to speak at outside events on a variety of economic topics. Give us a call or send an email to see whether we can help your organization achieve its goals.

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Quality of Life in Our Community

Crime, Policing and Public Safety

The first of the EFP Informs | Quality of Life in Our Community webinar series — beginning November 17, 2021— featuring Professor of Economics Peter Rupert, Ph.D., Santa Barbara Interim Police Chief Dr. Barney Melekian, and Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown discussing crime, policing, and public safety.

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We gratefully acknowledge the Gretler Foundation for their continued support of the Economic Forecast Project.

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