EFP collects and analyzes the most up-to-date data relating to topics that matter to businesses, policy makers and the community. These data form the backbone of our events, webinars, publications, and consulting projects. Some data on our website may be very recent, while some may be one or two years old. This is because some agencies and data sources have considerable lag in the issuance of their data. Generally, however, whatever data you see on our website is the latest data available.

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See EFP's detailed employment figures describing Santa Barbara County's labor market. Our data is seasonally adjusted using the same methods as the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Real Estate

See detailed figures describing various aspects of Santa Barbara County's real estate market. This housing data is typically updated during the third week of each month.

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US Economic Snapshot

A Snapshot of the United States economy presented in a particularly useful way for assessing where we are in the business cycle and tracking of the US economic situation - with some discussion provided by the EFP team.

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