The Economic Forecast Project is a UC Santa Barbara community-sponsored research department. Our mission is to provide reliable economic, demographic, health, and environmental data and analysis to our community of citizens, government, business, non-profit, and other users. To this end, the EFP maintains extensive databases for Santa Barbara County and the Central Coast. Our research is presented to local communities via the internet, publications, webinar, and events held across Santa Barbara County throughout the year. We strive to present our work in the most accurate, coherent, and detailed manner possible. We encourage feedback to help understand the needs of our community.

Our History

The Economic Forecast Project (“EFP”) was established in 1981 by the Department of Economics at UC Santa Barbara to provide the community with information on economic, demographic, real estate, and regional business trends in the Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura County areas. While the tri-county area remains part of the regional analysis, EFP currently maintains a board of directors for North and South Santa Barbara County. Our primary research activity is the collection and analysis of data to enhance the decisions made by businesses, as well as nonprofits and public policy officials. EFP monitors the status of the economy and provides clear, comprehensive, independent, and non-partisan analysis of economic trends in the local area. EFP relies on the latest dependable data sources, including the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Economic Development Department of California, and California Department of Finance, as well as many local data sources.

EFP is a research program supported by community sponsors and the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor. Oversight is provided by two Advisory Boards of Directors: one representing South Santa Barbara County, and the other representing North Santa Barbara County.

Who We Are

Peter and Jagdeep


Our team is led by Professor Peter Rupert, and includes Ph.D. students, undergrads, and UCSB staff. Our student researchers receive practical, hands-on training in economic research, computer language programming, and technical writing.

Meet Our Team

EFP Board of directors headshots

Board of Directors

Our board of directors (one representing South Santa Barbara County and the other representing North Santa Barbara County) includes community leaders from a wide range of local business sectors, including banking, health care, nonprofit, real estate, insurance, law, construction, and many others.

Meet the South County Board

Meet the North County Board